Jinbao Tenebrio feed starter (Notes on yew yam mealworms attention)

Jinbao Tenebrio feed starter (Notes on yew yam mealworms attention)
Tenebrio has a wide diet and can use crop by-products, livestock and poultry manure, etc., and is used as a feed after being fermented by, for example, Ginba Fermenter. Wine slag is also a rich source in many places, but what should you pay attention to when using it?
The most important is rosin, brewing, etc. Because it is rich in a variety of organic acids, inorganic acids, etc., PH value is low, you should use lime to adjust the PH value to about 7-8 in advance, because the ferment like fermentation of goldfish It should also be around 8. In addition, when raw materials are selected, it is not possible to use raw materials that are already smelly and have offensive odors. The use of straw should be crushed first, and several kinds of raw materials can be used to make nutrition more comprehensive.
In the use of from less to more, gradually increase the proportion of feeding the principle of mixing, should not be a direct substitute for the original habit of feeding. Details can visit the website or consult.

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