American Scientists Develop Anti-Arid Genetically Modified Tomatoes

A team at the University of Connecticut said on the 12th that they inserted a gene from Arabidopsis thaliana into tomatoes to produce highly resistant transgenic tomato plants. Scientists said that this result may have important implications for the world's agriculture. University of Connecticut professor Roberto Graccio Oia and Others published a paper published in the United States "Journal of the National Academy of Sciences" published on the same day, said that the drought-prone areas of the world generally low agricultural output, there is always the risk of major famine. Therefore, the use of genetic engineering knowledge to cultivate drought-resistant, high-yielding crops can help alleviate the world's agricultural crisis. In this study, Gracchioia et al. implanted a gene called AVP1 from Arabidopsis into an ordinary tomato plant and observed its effect. Earlier studies have shown that overexpression of the AVP1 gene protects Arabidopsis cells from dehydration and their ability to absorb and retain water at their roots, thus helping the plants to tolerate water shortages. The researchers found that the roots of tomatoes inserted with the AVP1 gene were stronger than normal tomato roots and had better water absorption capacity during the dry period. The researchers also simulated 13 days of drought conditions in the experiment and compared the growth of the two tomatoes. The results showed that the transgenic tomatoes not only grew much better in the dry period than the normal plants, but also recovered in the recovery after the drought period. It is also twice as fast as regular tomatoes. In addition, the fruit produced by the transgenic plants is not significantly different from ordinary tomatoes in composition. Graccioia and others therefore believe that the implantation of AVP1 gene can help tomatoes to better resist drought, safe and productive. They also pointed out that this method may be widely applied to more important crops, such as the application of transgenic technology in the transformation of other crops, and it is expected to increase the agricultural productivity in arid regions.

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