Problems to Be Paid Attention to in Popularizing and Using Microbial Fertilizer

First, the effect of microbial fertilizers to increase production and increase income The microbial fertilizers provide beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen fixation, phosphate release, and potassium release. These living microorganisms can grow and reproduce in the rhizosphere of plants and can bring about several benefits: First, through these The biological activity of beneficial microorganisms, the molecular nitrogen that cannot be used in the fixed transformed air is compound nitrogen, and the phosphorus and potassium that cannot be utilized in the soil are available phosphorus and potassium, and more than 10 kinds of soil can be analyzed. Medium and trace elements. The second is through the life activities of these beneficial microorganisms, secreting phytohormones such as auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, and citric acid to promote crop growth, regulate crop metabolism, and build quality products based on the genetic code. The third is through the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, producing a large number of mucopolysaccharides, combined with mucilage and mineral colloids and organic colloids secreted by plants to form a soil aggregate structure, and improve soil fertility and water retention capacity. Good quality microbial fertilizer can promote the growth of crops, improve soil structure, improve the quality of crop products and improve crop disease prevention and disease resistance, so as to increase production and income.
Second, several issues to promote the application of microbial fertilizer should pay attention to so far, has been approved by the state registration of microbial fertilizer only 100 kinds, in fact, the production of more than 2,000 manufacturers, so the market of microbial fertilizers are mixed, the vast majority of consumption It is difficult to judge who is good or bad, there are indeed many microbial fertilizers in the promotion and application of poor production and income increase effect, in order to maintain the reputation of microbial fertilizer to ensure its use, it is recommended that the majority of microbial fertilizer consumers in the promotion and application of the following attention Questions:
1. Microbiological fertilizers that do not have a national registration certificate cannot be promoted. The State requires that microbial fertilizers must be inspected by the designated units of the Ministry of Agriculture and verified by regular field tests to fully prove their effectiveness, non-toxicity and harmlessness, and be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for registration. In addition, they must be issued to a temporary registration certificate, and after three years of practical application, inspections will be reliable. Issue an official registration certificate. The official registration certificate is only valid for 5 years. Therefore, there is no problem with the quality of microbiological fertilizers that have not obtained a national registration certificate. Do not use them on a large scale.
2. Do not use microbial fertilizers that do not meet the standard number of live bacteria. The national regulations stipulate that the effective microbial count of microbial fertilizer bactericide should be ≥ 200 million ug/g, and the effective live bacteria count of large fertilizer should be ≥ 20 million ng/g, and there should be 40% surplus. If this standard is not met, the quality cannot meet the requirements.
3. Microbial fertilizers that are stored for longer than the expiration date should not be used. Due to the limitation of the technical level, at present, the effective bacteria of most microbial fertilizers in China are not more than one year old, so they must be used within the effective period as soon as possible. The sooner the better, the effect of expired microbial fertilizers will certainly be affected.
4. Storage conditions and methods of use must be strictly in accordance with regulations. Many effective microorganisms in microbial fertilizers are not resistant to high and low temperature and strong light, they are not resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and cannot be mixed with certain chemical fertilizers and fungicides. Therefore, the promotion and application of microbial fertilizers must be scientifically preserved and used according to the product specifications.

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