Bamboo leaves

Round-leafed bamboo grass is a perennial herb belonging to the family of Pterophyllaceae and Pterocarpus. Plant height 40 cm to 60 cm, with rhizomes, green petiole, growing directly from rhizomes, large leaves, thin leathery, ovoid, new leaves green, old leaves blue-green, along the lateral veins Neatly arranged silver-grey stripes, undulating edges.

It is native to the tropical regions of the Americas and grows in tropical rain forests. It prefers a warm and humid half-negative environment. It is not tolerant of cold and drought, and it avoids exposure to hot sun and dry hot wind. The optimum temperature for growth is 18°C ​​to 25°C. In this condition, the potted soil is kept moist and water is not accumulated. This species has a relatively high requirement for air humidity. Especially during the growth period of new leaves, water should always be sprayed to the plants, otherwise air drying may occur. Causes the leaf margins to dry and the new leaves are difficult to stretch. In addition, the strong light will cause the leaf edge to be defocused, and the insufficient light will cause the silver-grey stripes on the leaf surface to decrease, which will affect the viewing. Can be placed in a bright place without direct sunlight. For beauty, you can often wipe the blade with a clean, soft cloth dipped in water. Every 20 days or so during the vigorous growth period, a decomposed thin organic liquid fertilizer or special fertilizer for foliage plants is applied. Winter should receive more light, the temperature can not be lower than 12 °C, and stop the fertilization, appropriate to reduce the water, keep the pot soil is not dry, such as the spring to grow new leaves and then return to normal management. Change pots every other year, basin soil should be loose and fertile, drainage permeability is good, and contains a lot of humus slightly acidic soil, available rot leaf soil or peat soil plus a small amount of coarse sand or perlite mixture preparation.

The breeding of the round-leaved bamboo shoots can be carried out in combination with a potted ramet. When cultivating the ramets, care must be taken to provide more leaves and robust roots on each segment. The new strains should not be planted too deeply, and the roots can be completely buried in the soil. , otherwise it affects the growth of sprouts. The new strain should control soil moisture, but it can often spray water on the leaves to increase air humidity. Wait until a new root grows before fully watering.

The leafy bamboo leaves are fresh and pleasant, and they are very popular indoor foliage plants. They are suitable for medium-sized potted plants and decorated living rooms. They are stylish and natural and quite unique.

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