Hong Kong companies are optimistic about the mainland Chinese medicine market

Hong Kong companies are optimistic about the mainland Chinese medicine market

The 8th "International Exhibition on Modern Chinese Medicine and Health Products" jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Modern Chinese Medicine International Association was held in Hong Kong. More than 100 companies from 8 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Canada participated in the exhibition, exhibiting various Chinese medicines, health foods, health care and treatments.

The exhibition also hosted a number of Chinese medicine professional conferences to help the Hong Kong industry explore the Mainland and overseas markets, including how to obtain international certification for valuable medicines such as Cordyceps sinensis and ginseng, and how to highlight the advantages of quality control, product safety and scientific research. Attracting consumers from the Mainland and overseas.

The mainland Chinese medicine market has great potential for development, attracting many Hong Kong companies engaged in traditional or modern Chinese medicine and health food, and actively exploring the mainland market. Huang Bowei, president of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine International Association, said that the market for Chinese herbal medicines in the Chinese mainland has great potential for development. It is expected that the Chinese medicine industry will have a business volume of 400 billion yuan in the next 10 years. If Hong Kong can open up the mainland market, the Chinese medicine industry It is expected to become another economic pillar of Hong Kong.


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