Analysis of Sow Pregnancy Phenomenon

First, the cause of false pregnancies

Due to the early death and absorption of embryos and the persistence of the pregnancy corpus luteum, progesterone continues to be secreted as though the pregnancy continues. In addition, due to malnutrition, climate change and reproductive organ diseases, resulting in endocrine disorders of sows, resulting in ovaries formed after the ovulation of estrus sows can not be formed on time (usually 14-15 days), due to the continued secretion of progesterone , inhibiting the secretion of follicle-matured follicles in the anterior pituitary, arresting the development of follicles, and delaying or stopping the estrus cycle of sows. Under the action of progesterone, the endometrium is obviously hyperplastic and hypertrophic. The depth and distorsion of the gland are increased, the uterine contraction is weakened, and the breast lobules develop. Individual pigs can also secrete a small amount of milk. The above two kinds of corpus luteum is essentially a persistent corpus luteum.

Second, measures

Improve the nutritional conditions before and after sow mating;

Prevention and treatment of sow reproductive tract diseases;

Do the winter and early spring cold, heat preservation work;

Sows that are bred in early spring should be fed more green or juicy succulent feeds or multivitamins before breeding to ensure the normal development of follicles.

In order to dissolve the persistent corpus luteum, injectable prostaglandin 5 milligrams and pregnant women serum 1000 international units, both drugs can be intramuscular injection at the same time, can also be intramuscular injection of prostaglandin, 3 days after intramuscular injection of pregnant horse serum.

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