Tilapia seed breeding method

Tilapia seedlings reared freshly hatched larvae, mainly feeding rotifers, followed by Cladocera and Copepoda, and also fed a small amount of organic detritus, algae, protozoa, and artificial feed. As larvae grow, the frequency of zooplankton in the digestive tract decreases, while the frequency and proportion of artificial feed, organic debris, and algae increase.
In seed breeding, the bait is mainly used to fertilize plankton, especially zooplankton, such as rotifers. It can also be supplemented by pouring soy milk and feeding egg yolk. When artificial bait is used, it is better to feed larvae with “whole egg feed”; the feed of seedlings is best for breeding natural plankton feed, and it is also more economical.
Tilapia is extremely ingestive and its number of feedings per day is increased by 4 to 6 times compared to other fish.


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