The status quo and future of Chinese instrumentation

The status quo and future of Chinese instrumentation

When we analyze the status quo of China's instrumentation and measurement control, we must not be soberly aware that compared with the international advanced level, compared with the actual needs of China's economic and social development , there is still a big gap. The gap is all-round, and there are three points in the key:
*. China's instrumentation industry is small in scale, low in output value , and enterprises are also low in value. In 2007 , the total output value of China's instrumentation industry was 30 yuan, accounting for only 2.5% of the total industrial output value . Ten years ago, the total output value of the US instrumentation industry reached US$ 400 billion, accounting for 4% of the total industrial output value . Currently, the US instrument enterprises annual output value over 20 billion US dollars of not less than 50, a large country zui instrument enterprises, Beijing Instrument Group annual output value of 8 billion yuan, Sichuan Instrument Group 6 billion yuan. Compared with the two, the gap is too big. The scale and output value of industries and enterprises directly affect the vitality and development of the industry. To narrow and eliminate this gap, we need to work hard for 10 years and 20 years.
second. There are still many problems in the quality of instrumentation products in China. The reliability and stability of the products have not been fundamentally solved for a long time, which seriously affects the market sales and normal use. Many large precision instruments are still not produced , and domestic demand is almost entirely dependent on imports. In 2007 , China’s exports of instrumentation products reached US$ 8.8 billion, but imports reached US$ 17.2 billion and the deficit was US$ 8.4 billion, making it the equipment manufacturing industry. This problem is not solved. The development of China's instrumentation and measurement control disciplines and industries will not be able to get rid of the backward and passive situation.
third. China's instrumentation industry has not been able to innovate, and it is unable to assume the responsibility of the main body of technological innovation. International instrumentation technology innovation is developing very fast, and the cycle of product renewal is only about 2 to 4 years. Most of the sales of most companies are almost from new products listed in 5 years . And also a lot of instrumentation products along since in the 1980s, the introduction of technology products, a considerable number of enterprise products are consistent system for 10 years, eating capital for a living. The reasons for the lack of independent innovation ability are many, and the impact of Zui is nothing more than two: First, the investment in science and technology innovation and development is too small. The investment of foreign enterprises for scientific and technological innovation is generally 8 to 10% of sales revenue , while the investment of Chinese enterprises rarely exceeds 3 to 5% . Moreover, the sales revenue is not much, which greatly limits the effective development of scientific and technological innovation; Human factors, some leaders do not attach importance to independent innovation, and more are lack of innovative talents. The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that improving the capacity for independent innovation and building a new and innovative country is the core of the national development strategy and the key to improving overall national strength. It has become an urgent historical mission for enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capabilities.

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