Comprehensive prevention and control of jujube pests in summer

There are many kinds of jujube diseases and pests. The pests of leaf-eating insects that occurred from June to July are jujube mydasperm, jujube mycelium wax jujube and jujube leaf niche, and juvenile juvenile moth impairing jujube flower and young fruit. In the middle of July, the main disease was jujube rust; from August to the harvest period, the main pests and diseases were jujube fruit disease, jujube rust, and peach borer.

The occurrence and harm of the above-mentioned pests and diseases are often caused by several pests and diseases occurring in the same period in a jujube garden. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be given to prevention and control. Strive to use one drug to cure several diseases and insects, minimize the number of medications and reduce the dosage, and improve the control effect. .

In early June, 500 grams of 1605 microcapsules were dissolved in 2.5 kilograms of water, and 150 kilograms of soil was mixed to make poisonous soil. The poisonous soil was evenly sprinkled under the canopy, and 10 to 12.5 kilograms of toxic soil per strain. Can also be used 1605 microcapsules 500 grams of water 150 kilograms, evenly spray the canopy below the surface, and then use the vegetable rake lightly topsoil.

In the middle and late June, with 40% omethoate 1500 times plus cypermethrin 8000 times plus potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times mixture spray on the tree to prevent the second generation of date stickworm and jujube leaf niche.

In early July and mid-July, fentanyl was added 6,000 times with aqueous amidophos 600 to 300 times and potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times to spray the mixture to prevent peach fruit borer and date turtle wax scale insects.

From late July to early August, the trees were sprayed with a mixture of 1,605 microcapsules 1000 times and 1:2:300 Bordeaux mixture to control jujube rust and second-generation peach borer.

It is necessary to pay attention to the strict control of the time of spraying, the proper selection of pharmaceuticals, the concentration of the liquid to be precise, it is forbidden to blindly spray. Spraying is done first and then under the first, after the outside, spraying around the crown, to achieve a comprehensive, uniform, branch does not leak spray, leaves full of droplets. Only in this way can a good control effect be achieved.

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