Feed additives that are not suitable for milk production

There are two major uses for animal milk, one for human consumption and the other for feeding young animals. The active ingredients of some feed additives can enter the milk juice and are harmful to humans regardless of human consumption or feeding by young animals. In this regard, many countries adopt two methods: First, prohibit the consumption of milk by humans or young animals; second, prohibit the production of such feed additives by lactating mothers. In the former method, milk juice loses its application value and should not be used. The latter method, because it can use other additives, does not affect the application of milk, so the practical significance. The feed additives that can affect the quality of milk juice are described below:

First, feed additives that affect human consumption of dairy products

1. Levamisole: When the cow uses a dose of 8 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, 12 hours after serving, the residual amount in the milk is (0.32-0.55) 10-6, and the residual amount after 60 hours is 0.0110-6, so the request is forbidden. Cows.

2. Sulfamethazine: The following two methods are used for this drug: (1) Within 96 hours after administration, human milk or young animals are prohibited from feeding; (2) Cows are prohibited from adding this medicine.

3, sulfadimethoxine: This drug uses the following two methods: (1) within 60 hours after the drug, milk produced by the prohibition of human or young animals; (2) forbidden as feed additives for dairy cows.

4, thiazolyl: feed additives for insecticide. The U.S. stipulates that: (1) Dairy cows and dairy goats do not feed human or livestock milk within 96 hours after adding this product; (2) It is prohibited to use feed additives for dairy cows and dairy goats.

Second, feed additives that affect the health of suckling young animals

1. Tetracycline: After absorption, it has a wide distribution, and the concentration in breast milk can be consistently higher than that in plasma within 24 hours. For young animals, in addition to producing drug-resistant strains in their bodies, they can also be mixed with calcium and phosphorus in the teeth to make tooth enamel incomplete and affect the healthy growth of teeth. Therefore, it is not suitable as a feed additive for nursing mothers.

2, Sulfa drugs: due to absorption from the plasma protein can be replaced by bilirubin. Increased free bilirubin leads to jaundice in young animals, so nursing mothers should be avoided as feed additives.

3. Iodine preparations: Potassium iodide and sodium iodide are commonly used as feed additives. After absorption, it is easy to enter the milk. Young animals eat iodine-containing milk, which can cause hypothyroidism and goiter. Therefore, do not use iodine as a feed additive during lactation.

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