When do sheep breed well?

Sheep are bred from August to September, and lambs are best from January to February in the coming year. Sheep breeding mainly should be a good "three levels":

First, age off

About one and a half years old, the ewes are bred.

Second, timely clearance

Generally the estrus duration of ewes is 12 days. Ovulation begins 30 to 40 hours after the onset of estrus, and fertilization occurs within 15 to 24 hours of ovulation. Therefore, the autumn estrus should be bred for about 30 hours after the oestrus.

Third, the method off

1. Artificial insemination. A thoroughbred ram can be paired with a thousand ewes, and at the same time, it can solve the problem that it is difficult to conceive because of abnormal natural mating of reproductive organs.

2, the pay. Bring the rams into the ewes in a timely manner to allow them to naturally mate. In order to increase the rate of quasi-childbirth, it is necessary to scientifically use rams. In a mating season, a male ram can have a maximum of 80 ewes.


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