Apple's agent storage and preservation method

According to the nature and function of various preservatives, the following methods can be used for apple storage. 1 Dip and wash fruits with 3%--6% calcium chloride, 5% calcium carbonate solution dip fruit, can increase fruit hardness, reduce the incidence of fruit disease; with 25 °C ethoxyquin 0.25% - 0.35 % water soaking the fruit for a while, drying the package, or dipping the fruit with 2000--4000 mg/kg tiger skin lingzhi liquid for 5 minutes to prevent the occurrence of tiger skin disease; 100--200 times the amount of sec-butylamine 18 and 20 Dilutions dip fruit for 3 to 5 minutes, 25% Baoguo Ling liquor soak 250 times for 0.50--1 minutes, or 500--1000 mg/kg Benzol, 300 times thiophanate-methyl, or carbendazim for fruit washing , It can preserve fresh. You can also use the following formula self-preserved agent, soak in the solution for 10 minutes can be preserved. Put 1 g of acetic salicylic acid (safety-free, available from the chemical store) in 10 kg of clear water, mix it with stirring, and mix it for supply. 2 Fumigation of bromochlorosilane is commonly used in fumigation practice. Bromochloromethane is a broad-spectrum, fungicidal and antifungal agent, chemically named dibromotetrachloroethane. Penicillium, ring vein virus, anthrax bacteria have killing effect. The dosage is 20 grams of bromochlorosilane per 50 kilograms of apple. The weaker the disease resistance of apple varieties, the better the control effect. Jin Shuai's apple fumigation with bromochlorosilane is most effective. After the apple is fumigated and wrapped in paper, the effect of preservation and preservation is better. Bromochlorohydrin is low in toxicity and has few residues. It has been exposed for 48 hours and has not been detected. 3 Waxing fruit surface coating can reduce the amount of fruit evaporation and prevent fruit from wrinkling. Appropriate preservatives are added to the wax to keep the fruit fresh. Apple wax coating can not only preserve water and weight, but also increase the brightness of the fruit surface, improve the competitiveness of the fruit market, and increase economic income. Coating materials include shellac coating, Chinese fruit wax, and Jing 2B film. Golden Crown, Red Star, and Guoguang Apple under the large account storage conditions, treated with shellac coating plus carbendazim, tiger skin disease, bitter pit disease significantly reduced, shellac (shellac) with No. 2 and No. 3 paint performance More stable and effective. Lacquer coating dope is usually diluted with water and mixed evenly. The amount of water added is generally 14 times that of the coating. A test report says that the dilution factor is optimal for 1:2 (1 part shellac 2 parts water). Dilute water with warm water, stir well, and wax it manually or mechanically. About 1,000 kg of fruit can be coated per kilogram of shellac. The shellac coating is best used with the mix, and the diluted shellac coating should not be stored for a long time. 4 The application of cling wrap The cling wrap is made by adding preservatives to the paper making process or by applying preservatives and bactericides on the paper. After the plastic wrap is wrapped, the drug and fruit on the surface of the paper are in direct contact, which can effectively kill various pathogenic bacteria on the fruit surface. In the later period, it mainly relies on the drug inside the paper fiber and the drug between the paper fibers. Because of the slow volatilization and dissolution of the drug, the pathogen is eliminated and the infection of the pathogen is controlled. At the same time, the wrapping paper isolates the fruit and fruit to some extent, and the rotting fruit does not spread easily. The use of fresh-keeping paper containing diphenylamine or Hupi-Ling, such as PS-1 type fresh-keeping paper made in Shanghai, AF-2 type fresh-keeping paper made in Shandong, GB-3 type Guobao apple fresh-keeping paper, can effectively inhibit moulds Growth, delayed fruit ripening and reduced losses. It was wrapped in GB-3 fresh plastic wrap and stored for 150 days without occurrence of tiger skin disease. The information on pesticides, fruit noodles, and plastic wraps used for preserving and preserving apples is summarized in the table below. It is used for apple fresh-keeping coatings and fresh-keeping papers. Ingredients Names and uses Tecdo, also known as Pyreneol, TBZ, 45% Suspension, 50- to 100-fold liquid, is poisonous to fish, and it should be careful not to contaminate water. Ling, thiophanate, benzoate are all benzimidazole drugs, inhibit Penicillium, green mold effective sodium percarbonate alkaline oxidant, water release active oxygen, strong bactericidal, non-toxic, non-polluting, spray tree 1 % solution, dip fruit with 0.50% solution, with the use of, with storage, stored in a cool dry place, control of Penicillium and Physalospora infection Tiger skin 2000--4000 mg / kg liquid fruit orange rot sedative butylamine series One of the products, 80- to 100-fold liquid fruit-protecting fruit-containing sulfamethoxamine 25%, 250-fold liquid-washed gram-mildew spirit containing sec-butylamine 50%, 15 times liquid washing, raw liquid fumigation, per 100 kg fruit With 10-20 ml of sec-butylamine, also known as 2-AB, hydrocarbazole, 2-Hydroxybutane, 500 times solution of fruit sec-butylamine 10 100-fold solution of fruit sec-butylamine 20 100 times Fruit fragrant bromochlorosilane fumigation, for each 100 kg fruit with 40 grams fruit wax shellac No. 3 shellac water ratio: green banana 1:3 small Guoguang 1:3 red jade 1:2 red banana 1:2 efficient apple preservation Paper efficient Spectrum, can prevent tiger skin disease, anthrax, ringworm disease, black rot and other AF--2 cling paper inhibit mold growth, delay fruit ripening, reduce loss, suitable for peach, apple, pear and other preservation GB-- The type 3 cling paper effectively controls the occurrence of tiger skin disease, and maintains the inherent quality and appearance quality of apples. BX-1 type fresh-keeping paper is made of paper with preservatives, adjuvants and edible paraffin. It can prevent tiger skin disease and prolong storage. Period, maintain quality

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